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Rule Change - Winter 1999/2000

To be read in conjunction with World 8 Ball Pool Rules
A full set can be viewed at the English Pool Association site

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As discussed at the 1999 AGM, the league will revert to the official set of rules as played during the 1997/98 season. This is the set of rules defined by the World 8 Ball Pool Federation now adopted in full by the English Pool Association.

The effect of this change compared to the Manningtree & District Pool League rules of 1998/99 season is that a player no longer gets a free table following a foul. However, if he is snookered on every ball in his group, that is he cannot see both sides of any of his balls, he may call 'Foul Snooker'. If the referee agrees, the player may then EITHER:-

  1. leave the cue ball where it is and nominate a free ball (which may be any one of his opponents group or the black) which will become part of his group for his next shot only. He may pot this ball unless it is the black.
  2. ask the referee to remove the cue ball so that he can play from baulk, losing his right to a free ball unless he is still snookered from all positions behind the baulk line.

Note that if a player wants to nominate a free ball, he must first ask the referee to confirm that it is a foul snooker (the referee should not call 'foul snooker' unless a player asks him to), and then ensure that it is clear to the referee which ball he is nominating.

Click Referee Calling Guidelines for more information on referee's calling procedures.

Please feel free to Feed Back your views on the changes either positive or negative :-

It is suggested that all players check through the set of World Rules as distributed to all venues in the League, paying particular attention to rules:-

When we first introduced the new rules, we held a couple of introductory sessions to ensure that people were aware of the rules. Additional sessions are being considered if people are interested. We will hold at least one at the Cattawade Crown, the first being on 27 September 1999. If anyone wants to hold one of these sessions at their venue, please get in touch with a committee member or Email webmaster@jcamaa.demon.co.uk. We will announce dates and venues when they are known.

For a fuller understanding of the rules, Suffolk County Pool Association are holding a World Rules training session to be run by an official from the English Pool Referees Association. There will be the opportunity to pass an exam which could lead to becoming a professional referee. Even if this doesn't interest you, the day would still be useful to enable a fuller understanding of the rules and refereeing procedures. Contact webmaster@jcamaa.demon.co.uk if you are interested.


Comments etc. Email webmaster@jcamaa.demon.co.uk
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