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Annual General Meeting

20 July 2000 at 8.30pm
Cattawade Crown, Manningtree

Proposal Deadline - 5 July 2000

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 20 July at The Cattawade Crown. It will also be the Registration Night for the forthcoming winter season.

Last year, it was agreed that Manningtree and District Pool League would play to the standard formal EPA rules also known as World 8 Ball Pool Rules. These are the rules which are played nationally and internationally and some of you may have seen them played on satellite TV. It is important that we endeavor to play to a standard set of rules which have stood the test of time.

The League showed forward thinking when it adopted the rules early for the 1997/98 season. This was a major step forward and, unfortunately, some found it difficult to adapt. As a result, a proposal was put forward for the 1998/99 season to move away from the standard set and adopt some of our own rules. The vote was very close, and eventually carried by just one vote.

Then for the 1999/00 season it was again agreed to play by the official rules. The only exception being that the time allowed rule is not being enforced as a general rule. However, it is suggested that if a player is taking an undue length of time the referee should have the right to start imposing a time limit as per the rules, but he should give a warning in advance of starting to time the shots and then continue until the end of the frame.

For some time, there has been the opportunity to give feedback on your views of the rules and a graph of the latest preferences has been produced. Please see Feedback.

At the end of the day, the League is run for the benefit of players and venues in the League so please ensure that your team's views are properly represented at the AGM.



Proposal for M&DPL AGM 2000

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