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Links to Other Pool Sites

The following is a list of pool related sites which have been either brought to our attention or have been discovered while browsing. If you have a site or know of a site which you think should be listed here, or if you try one of these links and it fails, please send details to webmaster@jcamaa.demon.co.uk

  1. American Pool Association
  2. Argentina Pool Association
  3. Billiard Search Engine
  4. Billiard World
  5. Bracknell & Ascot Pool League
  6. Bury and District Pool League
  7. Center Spot
  8. Cue + Case Man (Scotland, UK)
  9. Dunfirmline & District Pool League
  10. East Herts Pool League
  11. English Pool Association
  12. Exmouth and District Pool League Exmouth and District Pool League
  13. Felixstowe Pool League
  14. Hackney Pool League
  15. Huddersfield and District Pool League
  16. Ipswich Independent Pool League
  17. Liphook and District Pool League
  18. Malpas and District Pool League
  19. Manningtree and District Pool League
  20. Nottingham Pool Association
  21. Riley-Net
  22. Scranton League
  23. South Lambeth Pool League
  24. Stockport and District Pool League
  25. Suffolk County Pool Association
  26. West Surrey Pool League

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