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Rule Preferences Form

Thanks to all the people who have made use of this form so far.

My intention was originally to use it to judge the feelings of the people within Manningtree & District towards the new rules. However, I think that there has been at least as much response, if not more, from people from other parts of the country/world. Several people are stating a preference for 9-ball so I have included that as an option. I would be particularly interested if there were many people locally who were interested in 9-ball. If there was sufficient interest, we could consider setting up a league. I suspect it would have to be played on the standard pub sized tables as there are not many Americal Pool sized tables locally (unless someone can tell me otherwise).

The following shows a breakdown of rule preferences expressed to date (12.04.2000) by users of ths feedback form. The sample so far is relatively small, but I think it starts to give some indication of what people prefer.

Rule preferences pie chart

Please continue to use this form whether you are a local, national, or international visitor to the site. If I get a sizeable sample, I will publish the results. Please include your details as this gives more credibility to the responses.

If you are aware of any other sites with a pool theme, please feel free to list them under comments. If suitable, they will be added to our links page

Pool Team

Please select which set of rules you prefer:-

Full set of official World 8 Ball Pool rules

Set of World Rules as modified by Manningtree and District

9 Ball pool rules

Other set of rules (please specify )


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